Welcome to the community for hiking Europe!

This is where it's all going to happen: the creation of a new online community for those who love to go hiking in Europe! In the text below, you'll find the manifesto with our vision. Contact us if you want to be involved somehow. Meanwhile, please know that you are welcome to use the site in every way possible, but remember it's a Work In Progress!


Europe lacks a central source of information when it comes to hiking. When living in Australia for a while, I discovered the value of such a source. I met some “bushwalk buddies” online and gathered a lot of information from the Australian equivalent,

Aim and means

Trailjunkies wants to make it easier to get out there and do some serious hiking. We will do so by creating a knowledge base covering all European countries. The knowledge base can be used when planning a trip or gathering information and inspiration.
The link directory provides general information about parties involved in hiking, such as hiking clubs, suppliers of hiking gear and travel blogs. All links are categorized by country so they are easily found.
The forum provides specific information such as experiences, track notes, regional questions and discussions of a general matter.


Trailjunkies does not have any paid staff members who provide information. It is a community that thrives on information provided by its members. Everyone participates in a way that he is comfortable with and each contribution is equally appreciated.

  • Registered users can simply contribute by engaging in discussions in the forums and sharing their experiences;
  • Registered users can also submit links for the link directory. Organisations can do so as well, but don’t have to register. They can simply e-mail the specified information.
  • Promotors can help making Trailjunkies known to the public in several ways. There will be banners available to put on your website, but (in the future) you can also request printed promotional material such as business card sized leaflets to leave in cabins, huts, at clubs etcetera;
  • Country coordinators can help reviewing submitted content, like links in the link directory, but also forum posts. Country coordinators can also have a key function in promotional activies.
  • Administrators are needed for technical maintenance of the website and server.


If you want to help Trailjunkies grow, either in one of the ways described above, or with advice in the area of your expertise (or if you have any other questions or remarks), please contact us using the form or via!